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The best designs are ones that perfectly combine form and function. When I take a moment to think about those items I use on a daily basis that I consider to have a beautiful and outstanding design, those are the things that also function the best and are most useful to me. When something is attractive and well-constructed – a made to measure blazer, a finely tuned automobile, a mobile phone – you want to wear it, drive it, use it. It’s always great when beauty and utility go hand in hand.

| WEARING | HACKETT blazer and pants, ZARA shirt, Watch JORD , DIOR sunglasses , Massimo Dutti Shoes  | PHOTOGRAPHY | by  SEEN JOHN 

A timepiece is the perfect example of a sartorial detail that you want to be beautiful and function impeccably – you want to be arrive on time in style. The new JORD  is both of those things.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to the quality of accessories. I’d much rather have a small collection of very high quality items than an expansive one of cheaply made pieces. So the JORD is a welcome addition to my timepiece arsenal.

Love this amazing blazer from HACKETT . A plaid blazer is sporty but can also work at the office. That kind of versatility makes it perfect for a Friday you might have a date or happy hour drinks planned. Lose the tie, unbutton the shirt and you’re good to go – casually dressed up.
How a blazer is constructed factors in to how casual it will appear. A half-lined blazer will have a more relaxed drape, while a soft shoulder will make it appear much less formal as well (not to mention more Italian).

Thanks, as always, for reading and have a great weekend.
Stylishly Yours,
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