SELECTED HOMME indigo Shstorm Parka

8:00 AM

Hello fashion lovers ! It’s starting to get pretty colder in Rabat , so i decided to start wearing my new indigo Storm Parka jacket from SELECTED HOMME wish i received weeks ago . It's keep me warm and very stylish and for the quality i just love it.

I'm a big fan of blazers that's why i decided to show you that you can wear a military parka with a suit or a blazer . You might not think to pair a techy parka with your slimmest, sharpest suit. But please believe: The clash is exactly what makes this move fresh. - Even if you like your outerwear loud (in case you get caught in a snowdrift), you can still wear it over a suit of any color. - But make sure you square away the fit. If your suit jacket hangs below the hem of your parka, you've got either the wrong size park or the wrong size suit.

| WEARING |  SELECTED HOMME Parka jacket | Zara dark blue suit  | Giorgio Armani shirt  | Zara boots | Giantvintage Sunglasses 

Stylishly Yours,
Med Amine Bakkari 

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