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Something a really diffrent today , it's all about the Megapack crossbag with the Gucci shoes , it's a really a good combination , in this day i was going to a buisness meeting and i decieded to bring all my essential things like sunglasses the paper's meeting all my stuff in this fantastic Crossbag from Megapack

A Crossbag is a fantastic everyday utility bag. I find myself grabbing it pretty much on a daily basis for its ability carry everything I need for an entire day—laptop, chargers, cameramophie, external hard drive, papers… You get the idea. Even my messenger can’t handle the amount of supplies I can fit into the tote without appearing overstuffed. Here are some tips for choosing the right tote bag for you.

Personally, I love the size and utility of the tote, especially when I’m going to be out all damn day. also has a variety of inside pockets that keep things extremely organized and easily accessible. Plus, it’s nice to be able to wear it over my shoulder when I need to free up my hands.

Some information about the crossbag from Megapack web site : storage for book or notebook , storage space for phone , outer material pu leather 100% and lining material Nylon 100% .

A Crossbag is also much more versatile. It’s usually the first one I’ll grab if I’m running out of the house dressed casually, but also looks great when you want to look sharp but relaxed.

i decieded to stylish the bag with a pink blazer from Kenzo with a white shirt from H&M and for the tie i choosed to wear a corolful nicktie from Muletie to match the blazer color ;) 

The greatest advantage of a pink blazer with a corolful tie  is that it softens the dark hues of navy, charcoal gray and black, where a white shirt being such a stark contrast may leave your appearance a bit washed out.

Let Talk about the accessories : 
i choosed to wear a Tayroc and a gold bracelet from Hamacha 

about Tayroc
When you think of high fashion watches, your mind naturally goes to high price tags, but a well made watch that reflects the latest trends in men’s accessories doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Tayroc watches are disrupting the world of men’s timepieces by offering modern chic looks that suit the tastes of fashionable gents but are available for a remarkably low price. Finally, you can afford to have multiple watches to suit your mood and not have to compromise quality to add variety to your accessories collection.
Founded in 2014, Tayroc is the product of two sets of brothers’ shared creativity and spirit of entrepreneurship. The four gentlemen set out to create a line of watches that was appealing in terms of style, quality and price. Each watch in the Tayroc collection has sophisticated features like 0S11 chronograph movements, sapphire coated lenses and high precision stainless steel cases. The watches are water resistant and available with mesh and leather straps.

About HAMACHA bracelet 

The bracelet has small gold beads with a larger gilded pearl. The large bead is covered with small black stones. In the closure of the bracelet the HAMACHA pearl stainless steel is incorporated in gold design.
The polyamide rope is characterized by a high abrasion resistance and high tear strength. The drawstrings for closing the bracelet are finished with gold beads.

| WEARING | Kenzo   blazer| H&M shirt  |Imporio Armani pants   | HAMACHA bracelets| Megapack crossbag  Tayroc  watch   |  Gucci shoes | Muletie nicktie     | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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