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If you’re a regular reader, you can skip this sentence, but one thing I’d love for more men to understand is that being a student of style does not mean wearing a suit a tie all the time. That is a style, but it’s not style. You can be casual and still be stylish.
 This post specially for the GRAYTON watch that i Recently I received , what i can say guys you should see my first reaction when i opened the box i was shocked about the quality and design of that incredible Grayton automatic watch .

I have worn many watches in my life and I would say my one common complaint is how the watch feels on my skin under both the watch face and the strap. The Grayton Watches I was reviewing feel buttery smooth on my skin and when taken off, left no marks or irritations underneath. You would be surprised at how many watches manage to forget about the comfortability of their watches! Grayton seem to have considered this thoroughly.

Description  from the Grayton web site : 

A dressed watch featuring an elegant satin black dial with a chic IP gold bracelet, the S.8 Automatic watch fits for everyday.
Admire the precision of its automatical mecanism through the open stainless steel case back and let yourself be enchanted by Grayton watchmaking and craftmanship.
From voyage of discovery on lost cities to galas at the Metropolitan Museum passing by the trendy streets of Soho, your S.8 Grayton Automatic is adapted to any situation.
A watch easy to wear, which always brings you a touch of distinction.

Functionality  : 

The combination of the dial on the side and the smooth movement of the second hand creates a seemingly perfect functionality. It’s strange to think that these two things have made such a difference to the way I wear and looks at the watch on my wrist. The way in which the watch functions is calming and soothing on the eye.

My final thoughts on Gratyon is that they are doing things exactly how I like them. Creating watches that are easy to wear, but also exude a quietly confident style and functionality. I would be honored to introduce you to its website so you can take a look at the various styles on offer.

now let's talk a little bit about the outfit and the first thing i'm gonna start with is the leather trench from Burberry The “Art of the Trench” has long been mastered by the British label, and they continue to adjust the concept. As this is a timeless piece that will potentially last you a lifetime, Burberry should be the first brand on your hit list if you’re eager to add something truly iconic to your wardrobe.  

It is definitely a special piece, and if you ever plan on having or buying anything like it, here’s how you might want to wear it: black skinny jeans or a regular pants it depends on  what boots you gonna wear like you see in the first outfit when i talked about the grayton watch i wear the leather trench with a miltary boots from Zara and a regular pants but in the second look i wear it with a black skinny jeans buta with a chelsea boos from Giorgio Armani 

for the accessories i put this two bracelets from JimKersie , they complete my look and they give the watch a luxury look . (JK) is a Melbourne based brand that focuses on standing out. JK pushes the boundaries of being exclusive, with eccentric style and incomparable quality. With handmade jewellery and expert designs, JK offers a high quality creation that is influenced by a vast number of cultures from around the world, whilst appreciating the simplicity of natural stones and gems.

| WEARING | Burberry Leather trench | Giorgio Armani shirts | Ralph lauren Black jeans & pants   | Grayton automatic watch | Jimkersie bracelets| Giantvintage sunglasses Zara miltary boots | Giorgio Armani chelsea boots | Cartier  duffle bag   | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

next post will be specially about this beautiful tote bag from the new VOE the creative company wish you will like a lot ! more details and informations about it soon 

Thanks, as always, for reading.
Stylishly Yours,
Med Amine Bakkari

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