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The devil, as they say, is in the details. And strength of any outfit hinges on the care and effort you put into the finishing touches. As part of a partnership with the amazing luxury TUUM jewels ,  here are some accessories  that will instantly elevate your  style.

The right accessories can make a good simple outfit a great one. A few well-appointed bracelets keep it casual and balanced. I love details that reveal themselves only upon closer inspection. There was a time when man jewelry was something I thought I’d never be able to pull off. If you’re currently in the same boat, my advice is to start with these amazing bracelets and the fashionable luxury ring from TUUM and you are gonna wear something means something ( will talk about that later ! ) . As i said in my previous posts that the details are importants in every man outfit and the most important in these details are the jewels .

i styled the TUUM jewels with a leather Gilet from twinkeldeals and a sweatshirt from SOULSTAR , for the pants i decided to wear a Giorgio Armani white pants with an Adidas Stand Smith . for the eyewear and awsome dsquared2 luxury sunglasses .

About TUUM  : 

Tuum in Latin, actually means ’Yours’. Tuum offers a complete collection of highly crafted jewels, manufactured through an original and exclusive casting process. The brand honors itself in being of the highest quality, and is proudly “Made in Italy.”
As quoted by the founders, Tuum’s “Customers are completely ’universal,’ where there is no limits on the age, gender, or faith of the individual.
The collection includes band rings, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces and even a fountain pen. All pieces follow the same inspiration; a gift to the spirituality and the history of our human race. Throughout the range you can find silver, 9kt and 18kt, yellow, white and rose gold, precious and natural stones and diamonds.
The rings represent the beginning of Tuum’s history and collection. They are the first example of a unique casting process and express the high levels of craftsmanship and pursuit for perfection. Latin scripts are caste in a relief and then given various finishes. All Tuum’s rings are finished in a secret process, increasing longevity and protecting the jewels from the elements.

ABOUT INFINITUUM RING : ( information from the website )

Infinituum is the latest Tuum ring. The design is inspired by the infinity symbol, where the open ends allow the motifs "P", "M", "A" and Flore to stand out. Flore, the symbol of life becomes the symbolic texture of Tuum. Infinituum marks a natural evolution of the brand. Faithful to the idea of making messages tangible, these rings pay homage to the firstborn Tuum creations, in a sense that they are designed and created to be interpreted and lived.

Each piece of TUUM jewellery is handmade in Italy. By using only the finest silver, gold and platinum embellished by precious stones and diamonds, our goldsmiths shape the materials and give birth to beauty. The texts of some of the most well-known and meaningful prayers are rendered perfectly and crisply through the lost-wax casting process, a 5,700 years old sculpting technique which gives our jewels the tactility and charm of a handmade talisman.

| WEARING | twinkeldeals leather gilet | H&M shirt  |Imporio Armani white pants   | TUUM  Jewels| SOULSTAR sweatshirt  |  Adidas stand smith sneakers  dsquared sunglasses      | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN
Final Word
Though for many of us accessories are usually an afterthought, it’s worth taking a second to appreciate just how much one or two of these subtle additions can instantly step up your style game .

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