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The right accessories can make a good simple outfit a great one. A few well-appointed bracelets keep it casual and balanced. I love details that reveal themselves only upon closer inspection. i decided to complete my outfit with those amazing bracelets , TUUM & HAMACHA with i already talked about theme in my previous posts .

I’ve always felt that when it works with an outfit, adding a couple bracelets projects a certain masculine confidence, which is something I’d consider a hallmark of Italian style. 
If you need to complete your look you must take care about the details and the most thing the wrist as you can add some amazing bracelets !

 This necklace from TUUM  has opened my mind to the possibility. It’s simple, understated, and elegant, which totally works for me. And in the summer, when the temperature dictates that less has to be more, I’ve found it to be the perfect accessory for a casual and relaxed look.

In that night i was having fun in the city with some friends , going to the bar ! so i decieded to wear my SLOW watch . you will know more informations about it in the next post and why i wear it because i'm going to have fun :D

| WEARING | All clothes from ARMANI EXCHANGE | TUUM BRACELET  , NICKLACE & Ring    | Hamacha  Bracelet  MAWLSUNGLASSES sunglasses   |MEGAPACK Backpack | SLOW WATCH    |  PHOTOGRAPHY | by ADIL BEN 

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