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There was a time earlier in my life when I thought, “Man, if I ever start carrying a briefcase, shoot me.” To my younger self, it was a symbol of corporate conformity, complacency, and a case of the same old same olds. Not necessarily an image a young creative wants to project. Nowadays, of course, much like the resurgence of menswear amongst a new generation of style-conscious men, the briefcase embodies and reflects something different than it used to. Sure, you can still get that boxy and bulky version with the combination locks, but with all the slimmer and sleeker options available now, there’s no reason to have to look like the boring company man.

As with any bag, a briefcase should reflect your style as well as your lifestyle. If you’re in business, have a job that requires you to wear a suit, or just like the look and feel, a leather briefcase is the way to go. For one you’ll carry everyday, I recommend choosing one in brown like mine from TIMERESISTANCE . It’s much more versatile than black, which I find to be very formal.


TIMERESISTANCE briefcase is a less formal option that’s perfect for the student, creative heading to meetings, or guy who’s got a computer, papers, and supplies to carry around for the day. For me, a canvas briefcase is similar to the messenger bag in terms of being a more casual bag option, but still comes across as a bit more dressed up.

As i said you can wear it with a suit or a beanie or both it's just amazing design and for the materiels made from genuine top grain calfskin that will last you for decades and interior lined with leather. You can bring all your essencial things in it a 15'' laptop , papers , phone , anything you want and it's very secure with the key ! to be honest this is the best briefcase i have ever had .

For the accessories : 

In this look i decided to wear  theslowwatch ! These watches Super Elegant and unique Ones. Perfect With an Elegant Outfit for Ladies for Guys:) The Brand only use one hand that shows the 24 hour time in order to create a true Slow watch that is reduced to only one necessary component.All silver with durable stainless steel band. It fits any outfit and any occasion. Just the perfect every day watch and truly unisex 
  • Swiss Made, Swiss GMT Quartz movement
  • 100 Meter water resistant
  • 34 mm silver stainless steel case
  • silver stainless steel metal band - length can easily be adjusted in every watch shop

We Love The Style, The Design of The Slow Watches, very Unique Piecies. If you Love Elegant Watches you Would Love these Pieces:) On the Website you can find other Types if you like Leather Straps:) https://www.slow-watches.com


I can’t imagine my life without SEECONCEPT SUNGLASSES. For the shortsighted among us, the dream of reaching for a pair of fashionable sunnies complete with magnified lens is now a reality and my tortoise specs have become a handbag staple. My favourite features are the flexible hinges, meaning you don’t need to worry about snapping the arms of your glasses off (but be careful, they aren’t completely immortal!), the lightweight nature of the glasses and the 100% UV protection.

See Concept was imagined by a trio of designers hailing from Lyon, France whose, ahem, vision is to“facilitate eyesight on a daily basis”. They each witnessed their parents constantly misplacing their glasses (I can relate) so set about creating a line of chic, ready-to-wear reading glasses and sunglasses to make life just that little bit easier.
It’s a fact, we’ll all need glasses at some point in our lives, so why not look great wearing them? Now featured in fashion retailers in some of the world’s leading sartorial capitals including Paris, New York and London, See Concept’s products are functional, affordable and fun.

| WEARING | ARMANI  Blazer | H&M pants   | SLOW watch    | ARMANI  shoes  |SEECONCEPT  sunglasses   |TIMERESISTANCE Briefcase | Pocketsquare Rempley&co   | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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