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In this post i'm gonna talk about how you can rock the biker jackets , the one that i'm wearing here is from Members Only they are specialised in this kind of jackets with good quality , designs and also express shipping . 
Men’s fashion thrives on classic pieces, maybe even more so than its female counterpart. In fact, the entire SPOKE-STYLE ethos is built around the idea of timeless style.We’re all aware of the old adage, ‘fashion fades but style remains’ and this really does ring true in the world of menswear. Of course, this fickle game we all subscribe to has a habit of regurgitating items and trends – thrusting them back into the limelight.

Before we start, here is a look  inspiration to help get the creative juices flowing:

My way to rock the biker jackets is by pairing with smart-casual pieces. Wear with a chunky roll neck, or a t-shirt and jeans combination at the weekend like i'm wearing in this post . You could also choose to go the way of the country gent by pairing waxed styles with other heritage pieces and textures, such as chelsea boots ! the ones that i'm wearing are from H&M .

For the accessories i'm wearing the glasses from Tijneyewear , watch from ZECA and the bracelets from HAMACHA .


Zeca was born out of passion for perfection. The brand stands as a symbol of finesse and craftsmanship with infuses of distinct Italian elegance. With a flagship store located in Mall Kota Kasblanka. Zeca is distributing worldwide and providing peace of mind with international warranty.
Zeca is currently distributing to more than 60 outlets, with a flagship store located in Mall Kota Kasablanka.

 The Brand
With Italian design sophistication Zeca prides itself as a distinctive watchmaker. The brand is a reflection of dynamic spirit that encapsulates the multi-layer aspects of modern lifestyle: smart, active and sharp.
Zeca is a spirited expression that breaths out of infatuation for Italian art and design. It is a manifestation of distinctive elegance and a refined definition of the perfect timepiece. Zeca is an Italian luxury that serves to complete the modern lifestyle.

From Milan to Amsterdam, the editors in TIJN collect the latest fashion in Europe.
With our inner and independent designers, we create Well Designed and Crafted Eyewear.
And our concern is not only maintaining comfort and safety but also introducing great looks.
We are helping people find their best frame in their favorite color and style.
We Create Well Designed and Crafted Eyewear in TIJN .
What i really love about this brand is the really fast shipping and the perfect designs , quality of the sunglasses and aloso the glasses ! so anyone need a pair of sunglasses or glasses don't search a lot u gonna find what u need in https://tijneyewear.com/ .

Final Word
The biker jacket is a true menswear classic that will help add an edge to any personal style. You may not be remotely punk or rock in your persona but, as shown above, this silhouette is extremely versatile and isn’t defined by its past associations.
So, whether you’re a shirt and tie kind of guy or prefer a more casual approach to dressing, there is room in any wardrobe for a timeless biker.

| WEARING | Membersonly Biker Jacket   | DEADLEGACY Tee  Tijneyewear  MUG STORY  | ZECA WATCH  | HAMACHA bracelets  |Denim&chelsea boots H&M  | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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