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Have you ever felt suede? I mean really felt suede, as in lovingly stroked its buttery soft nap under finger until you’ve slipped into some kind of starry-eyed, saliva-sodden stupor? And don’t even get us started on its smell, that heady, leathery scent which is – bespoke fragrances be damned – pretty much the closest you’ll get to inhaling luxury.

Whether you’re looking to merely sample, or swathe yourself in, suede’s premium softness, this post will arm you with the know-how to stay stylish your suede jacket !

Before you wear suede u should know what is it ? 

All suede starts life as leather (usually lamb’s and frequently goat’s) which has had the top grain removed. This process reveals a soft, fuzzy surface (a nap) below and can be further split or sanded to achieve the desired finish.
Thinner and more porous than leather in its original state, suede is much softer than natural leather, but it’s also an unequivocal stain magnet.

The bomber suede jacket that i'm wearing is from bellfieldclothingBomber jackets have been given a luxe update in recent years, with both designers and high street brands alike reworking them in premium materials such as suede.
An effortless way of adding texture to your autumn/winter looks, a suede bomber in a seasonally-appropriate neutral such as beige, stone or pale grey will not only bring character and depth to any outfit your create, but can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.
                                                   ABOUT BELLFIELD
BELLFIELD was created in 2011 out of company who had already found success in the commercial fashion business. The business which has been going since the seventies were the basis for the brands roots. Focusing on trend led design, quality and value for money, the brand, has continued to grow and evolve with the market to become a successful young brand with a growing following.

Let’s start on familiar ground, shall we? Whether you opt for a safari, bomber or worker jacket as your suede outerwear of choice, you’ll want to steer towards earthy tones (hunter green, tan, taupe, brown) which not only feel particularly relevant right now

On that note, chances are you’ve shelled out a fat chunk to secure a suede jacket, so make it count by making yours the focal point of your look. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid print and pattern and instead play with colour combinations or try a head-to-toe tonal approach.

For the accessories i choosed a wacth , sunglasses and a picard bag ( read about it in my previous post by clicking here )  to complete my look ! 

Let's start with the NEWGATE watch  !

This iconic British company have been making beautiful oversized watches for the last 25 years. Founded by husband and wife team Jim and Chloe Read, British brand Newgate are renowned for their innovative, design-led timepieces. A destination brand, their iconic clocks have been gracing trendsetting interiors across the globe for several decades.

The one that i'm wearing is from the BLIP collection  , The watch designed with a fusion of retro and contemporary style in a shallow vintage stainless steel finish case . 

Information from the website : 

  • Stainless steel slim case with convex lens
  • 40mm dia x 9.6mm deep, vintage brass finish
  • Clear arabic dial
  • Brown leather strap with red leather lining
  • Case water resistant to 3ATM / 30 meters
  • Unisex

A wrist watch is more than simply an accessory, however—it’s practical. Yes, your phone tells time too, but depending on the situation nothing can be more disruptive, distracting, and disrespectful than someone constantly pulling their phone out to check the time. Though the intent may be to just see what time it is, there might be a text to answer, emails to read, or some other alert pulling you deeper into your phone and out of the environment in which you are supposed to be engaged. In contrast, a quick glance at a wrist watch is subtle and singular.

                          ABOUT STATE OF WOW SUNGLASSES 

It’s up to you to decide what fun and funky means. And it’s your personal comfort level that will determine just how fun and funky you want to be. My advice is to stay away from brightly colored frames—think, neon—as well as mirrored lenses. Instead, go with a clear/opaque frame in a muted color. Fun and funky doesn’t have to mean flamboyant.

STATE OF WOW is a Danish headwear company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. STATE OF WOW is a part of the WOW Group, which consists of several brands and a custom design and headwear lab that develop, design and produce headwear for many international brands.

| WEARING | Bellfield suede jacket    | Trashness shirt STATE OF WOW  sunglasses    | NEW GATE WATCH| ZARA shoes  |BANANA REPUBLIC pants | Picard Backpack   PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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