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We made it to 2017 ! this photoshoot was done in the first day of the new year 2017 i went to that photoshoot with one of the bests fashion bloggers in my city Fatine and Ayoub to the most beautiful place in Rabat in the roof of an old riad a cross a beautiful view as you will see in the photos ! 

First of all i'm gonna start this post talking about the brown biker leather jacket and how you can stylish any biker leather jacket . 
Today, the biker jacket is less reserved for punk rock pioneers and military heroes and more an everyday, every man outerwear choice.

Biker jackets rose to prominence as a symbol of rebellious subculture following the Second World War and were glamorised by film stars such as Marlon Brando and James Dean in cult classics such as The Wild One and Rebel Without A Cause.
The jacket went on to epitomise the tough-guy image of a generation of bikers and greasers, and has remained embedded in modern fashion culture as a staple piece that continuously makes its mark, season after season.

This biker jacket that i'm wearing  from Mango combines all the classic features needed for a rebellious look, including bold silver hardware, asymmetric fastening and added zip detailing, with a sleek, contemporary silhouette bringing the piece bang up to date.

Let's Talk about the accessories that i'm wearing : 

                            About BraceletsDr

While some style purists will still argue a watch is the only accessory suitable for a man’s wrist, recent trends beg to differ. Historically we men may have been wary of jewellery but given the growth in the market over the past few years, it seems plenty of us are now giving it a go.

Bracelets and cuffs are perfect for adding personality and character to your look when wearing lightweight tees and vests. “This season is all about the modern wrap bracelet; something with a clean design that’s casual and can be worn all summer long,”

BraceletsDR hand made bracelets are designed to resemble elegance and simplicity.  This combination intends to give you the boost of confidence you need in the best style possible.

the shipping and handing methods will help your order your product and get it delivery swiftly.  luxury bracelets are handled with care. They are delivered in a suede and zip lock bag for protection.
BraceletsDR have a variety of different models of bracelets that range from timeless, classic pieces, to cutting edge trendy selections. 
Make your style unique....BraceletsDR

                                          About HYPERGRAND watch

 HyperGrand makes timepieces that are the common denominator of quality watch-making, industrial design, and urban styling. Since 2013, HyperGrand has been releasing collections that offer a fresh perspective to the watch industry – A new pedigree of watches that embody craftsmanship and the versatility of modern style adaptable between dapper Wall Street and Premium Street wear.
The meticulously crafted watches are paired with high quality straps that cater to all – From fine-grained leather straps to 5 tone printed NATO straps. Everyone subscribes to a different aesthetic, and we at HyperGrand believe that watches can be tailored to every individual.” 

Classics represent the characteristics of a past era. HyperGrand’s game plan was to take a broad view of what represents the era we live in, and make classics of our own time. In my opinion, our era is represented by one hyper-fast paced, deeply diversified world filled with unique individuals. That is why HyperGrand’s designs come with a wide range of interchangeable NATO straps that can represent any mood, occasion and sense of style of the moment.

Mine is with leather strap because i like classic watches with leather more .

   | WEARING | mango leather jacket | Zara jeans, trico |Levis shirt  Etnia Barcelona sunglasses    | HyperHrand WATCH| Versace shoes  |BraceletsDR braceletrs and ring   PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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