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The first thing to think about is size – how big does your bag need to be? Breakdown what you carry and how often you carry it. Do you lug a laptop around everyday? Think about a backpack with integrated laptop sleeve. Off to the gym? Make sure your bag can cope with your trainers and kit. But if you think objectively about other occasions where bags are essential, such as travelling, you’ll soon realise that size really does matter.

I’m always on the hunt for new travel backpacks… and I know you all are too because I receive multiple emails each week asking my opinion on the best bags. That’s why I’m going to start testing as many travel backpacks as possible. Today we have the CabinZero Backpack.

CabinZero has two models — the Military 44L costs about $95 and the Classic 44L costs around $75. I received the Military 44L so I can’t personally speak to the Classic 44L, but the Military 44L seems to be a little sturdier and has better shoulder straps. The Classic is lighter-weight and comes in a ton of colors.

What makes this bag special is its simple design with variety of colors to choose from. It also has military-inspired design with a touch of urban elements. People can consider it as an outdoorsy bag with sufficient space that holds multiple items. It has four corners that allow you to carry electronics, clothing and other personal items.

Most airlines have a carry-on luggage limit of 7kg. So it’s really useful that the CabinZero bag only weighs 760g. While some prefer using trolley bags, I personally like using a backpack for my carry-on luggage because the rollers take up a lot of weight and space. Why have extra frills when we want to maximise our space right?
While the CabinZero bag is light, it’s also surprisingly hardy. I’ve used it on 2 trips so far, and despite having to squeeze it with all the other bags on the plane luggage compartment, can foresee that it’ll last a long time . 


           Kapten & Son; Minimalistic Lifestyle Watches

"Born for adventure, exploring the world!" - Kapten & Son, a German brand selling minimalistic lifestyle accessories and watch brand for every outfit and occasion .Kapten & Son is more than just a brand. Kapten & Son gives you the feeling of being at home all over the world. From urban jungles to the end of the world.. Home is where your Kapten is.

With Kapten & Son products you always have the perfect travel companion by your side, wherever you go. Individually design each product of ours as unique as you are and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

I’m not sure how true this iszzit but a part of me likes to think it is, but only the people at Kapten & Son knows the truth about it.

Quarz clockwork by the suisse company RONDA which comes in 2 different sizes, 36mm and 40mm. I love the packaging. Mine arrived in a beautiful leather gift box which makes it feel like a real luxury item. In the box there is a tool that you can use to adjust the strap if it's too big for your wrist. (Only for Mesh watches) Plus point to it is that i thought mesh watches will be pretty heavy when you wear it, but this is the kind of lightweight mesh watch and yet easy to match with many different outfit.

Personally i am pretty in love with this mesh watch and if you are interested to find out more about them, you can pop over to their webpage to get more information. They don't only have different type of watches, but sunglasses too.

| WEARING | desigual coat | Mango man  jeans, trico |Levis shirt  Zerpico sunglasses    | Kapten&son WATCH| Hogan interactive shoes  |Cabinzero travel bag    PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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