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Although the blazer has quickly become a modern essential that can be worn both smart and casually, its origins actually lie in the regimented environment of the Royal Navy. while there are now endless designs to choose from, there is one particular style that is suitable for any occasion: the two-button navy blazer. Whether worn with dark denim jeans, loafers and a plain white shirt for a casual approach, or with matching trousers, tie, shirt and shoes for the office, the blazer is a key player in dressing well, and dressing intelligently.

Before you rush to fetch your current one from the wardrobe, there is one thing you should be reminded of. When it comes to buttoning up your jacket, there’s a simple but fundamental style rule you need to remember: top button, optional; bottom button, never.


                                          DENZELOFSWEEDEN WATCH

Like tees, chinos and field jackets, the NATO strap went AWOL from military ranks, crossing to the fashion pack. Originally created for British soldiers in the 1970s, it embodies a ready-for-anything aesthetic, even if your personal battles are only with your email password.
Because the NATO strap is crafted from a single piece of fabric – normally nylon – you don’t need to take off both your watch’s spring bars to switch one in. And if one of the bars pops open, its extra ‘watch keeper’ strap keeps your Rolex on your wrist. Handy whether you’re dangling from a parachute, or chasing down a forehand.
the watch that i'm wearing with the nato strap is from DEZELOFSWEEDEN , a specific watch; a qualitative, thin and elegant NATO-bracelet watch with modern and classic coloring. A NATO strap is perfect for sport and performance activity.” Durable, swappable and easy-to-clean, you can click in your NATO post-locker room without sacrificing the style aesthetic.
The ambition of DENZELOFSWEEDEN  is to create a thin, stylish watch with clear and prominent colours, where you easily can replace the look of your watch by changing the bracelet with a few simple steps.

The result were timeless, elegant and extremely relevant watches.  


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