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Think of suede as the softer, more tactile alternative to a leather jacket, or the hardier substitute for denim. It’s tough, sure, but has versatility at its supple core, and looks as much the business over pared-back, minimal tailoring as it does in a full-on, psych-rock look.

Some naysayers argue suede is impractical, since it guzzles water like it’s just stumbled across an oasis. But once equipped with a decent weather app it’s ideal for dry spring days, offering warmth, comfort and breathability, plus contrast with other transitional textures – think light cotton cable knits, breezy chambray shirts and so on.

The one that i'm wearing if from ONLYANDSONS Whistles’ suede jacket takes frontier ruggedness and makes it a touch more urbane. It’s crafted from soft suede and lined in cotton for a comfortable fit, then dyed in a rich navy blue you can wear anywhere.
However, it’s the silver zip and buttons that take the wildness out of its Western trappings. So your Chelsea boots are as appropriate as cowboys boots.
The outfit i'm wearing here is suede with tailoring The contrast between sharp lines of tailoring and a loose silhouette of  suede jackets is a stylish alternative to an overcoat. Tailoring worn with a suede jacket is an unusual combination, and therefore, it’s all about you using the contrast to your advantage. You should keep in mind that nice clothes and good colour combinations aren’t always enough to make you stand out. Your attitude will always be the final touch to your outfit.


I mentioned to my friends that one of my favorite features of NOMONDAY WATCH is its versatility. It works with tweed and chambray. It works with a business casual double-breasted blazer and gingham shirt sans tie.
But, honestly, on the wrist this watch really shines when paired with like-minded clothing. Its natural habitat, if you will. A perfectly tailored navy suit. A white contrast collar shirt complete with collar bar. A polished pair of black oxfords. If you’re going to wear luxury on your wrist, it would be a shame for your clothing not to complement it.


Comes Monday.  Weekend excitement ends, daily work resumes, routine monotony serves.  So continues a life without much differences.  Or must it?

NO Monday watches are created to remind people that it doesn't have to be this way.  Options exist and differences, amid small, avail.  The design philosophy behind NO Monday timepieces is always "simple" and "harmonious", and with a small dose of seriousness. Each collection is designed with great respect for harmony in geometry and colour, and simplicity in contrast and sophistication.  No mechanicals.  No smarties.  Only a watch fitted with a Japanese quartz movement, and a pair of genuine leather strap in an all stainless steel casing.

They are made for those who seek for a slight but affordable difference in their timewear, just like a slight but affordable difference in their weeks with no mondays.

| WEARING | NOMONDAY watch  bows-n-ties  tie | AYOUB HAMOMI photography 

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