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When it comes to staying cool in day heat, linen really can’t be topped. So, why has it developed a reputation as being a bit ‘past it’?
Most likely it’s a Victorian hang-up over creases, but as many Mediterranean dandies have proved, linen can make for a raffishly sophisticated look when you know its properties and how to get the best out of them.
A linen blazer should be a staple piece in your spring/summer wardrobe. The right fabric makes all the difference for warm weather style. I recommend choosing one in tan or light blue. Patch pockets and a soft shoulder keep it on the casual side of dressy.
White denim for the win! You know one of my favorite “styles” of dress is what I like to call sharp casual: blazer, button-up shirt, jeans, killer shoes. I consider white denim to be the spring/summer equivalent of your other staple pair of jeans: slim dark denim. Looks put together, shows confidence, and is sure to stand out in all the best ways.

                                                  Devauls wood watch 
Exploring the origin of this beautiful creation which was sent to me by DEVAULSYes, it is made out of wood. How awesome is this? I got so many compliments as I wore it to university for the first time and I can really say that it's a great conversation piece.

These beautiful watches are made with a selection of different woods from all over the world to create a look that is unique, stylish and sustainable. And with a variety of designs and colours, there’s sure to be one that catches your eye.
What I love about this watch is that even though it’s made of natural wood, it has great durability too. The watch is splash-proof and it features a scratch-resistant glass face and a 3-hand Japanese Miyota OS20 Movement. While this is definitely a watch to save for special occasions in my opinion, it’s nice to know that it won’t be ruined if there’s a sudden thunderstorm or if it’s accidently left on for a minute in the shower. And while the watches are beautiful, they are also surprisingly reasonably priced.

Informations from the DEVAULS website :

00% Natural Red Sandalwood Case and Band
All Handcrafted Wooden Watch
Lightweight / Durable
Japanese Miyota OS20 Movement
Stainless Steel Clasp
Free Link Removal Tool included in order while supplies last
Wood Watch Dimensions:
Case Width: 46.0mm
Face Width: 34.0mm
Band Length: 203mm
Band Width: 25.0mm
                                             ANSON BELT
I’ve been wearing Anson micro-adjustable belts almost every day since i received theme.  These belts are awesome! I’ll go into more detail below, but here are four reasons why I’m loving them:
  • Never too tight or too loose (micro-adjustable)
  • Super durable (because you don’t have to bend them every time you put them on)
  • Versatile (interchangeable buckles)
  • Fits every waist (easy to shorten to your exact size)

Sometimes called slide belts or ratchet belts, holeless belts are – you guessed it – belts with no holes.These no hole belts have grooved tracks that run along the inside of the belt strap.Most ratchet belts have 1/4″ grooves, which makes them micro-adjustable (compared to traditional belts).To loosen or unbuckle a slide belt, you just press a little release lever on the back of the buckle.
You don’t have to yank back the end of the belt, which causes even the strongest leather to crease and tear over time.There’s really no downside to holeless belts, and to be honest, I’m surprised they’re not more popular.I think that most men simply haven’t tried wearing a slide belt, because once you go holeless, you probably won’t ‘go back.

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