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The double-breasted blazer has always been around but it has definitely made a comeback in a big way recently. If you happened to have glimpsed any photos of the guys peacocking at Pitti Uomo , you no doubt saw countless stylish gentleman sporting one. Though I’ve seen flashes of it here in the States, it would be great to see more  men adopting the style. Here’s my contribution to get the ball rolling.

                                                     colourfield backpack

Clean lines, sleek edges, minimalist construction… it’s all there in Colourfiels's backpack .This backpack is on the smaller side, perfect for carrying round books and everyday essentials ! this backpack is made with this super stylish leather accessory.Enjoy a hands free life, perfect for commuting to work, university or just for weekends. Ideal for your 13′ laptop.Stand out from the crowds, with a bespoke bag designed to suit any style.
For those men that go the the university, it’s easy to succumb to the norms of traditional backpacks or briefcase that look a little old . i'm  here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Done well, an colourfield's backpack can be a practical, comfortable and effortless bag choice for the nine-to-five grind. But you need to get your choice right – make sure to add the colours that you like and match with your style !
                                  AUREUS WHITE SNEAKERS
A white sneakers is a must have in any man wardrobe so here i'm gonna talk about the important of white sneakers and the best brand to buy from ! 
With an enormous amount of choice on the market today, it’s tough to select just one style, but suffice to say you should be looking for something white and made from leather. AUREUS is a good place to start if you want something with a streetwear slant that works with both jeans and T-shirt combinations as well as smarter trousers and blazers.

Aureus was established in 1977 at a time when specialty brands ruled the athletic market. We called the golf course home, so you could say we were born playing the game. And top pros wore the collection making Aureus a dominant golf brand for decades until megabrands took over our market. Niche manufactures struggled, but from the outside veteran shoemaker Frank Tien saw great opportunity.

         METIX WATCH 

Watches have a lot going for them compared to, say, a coat or pair of trainers. They’re trendproof for the most part, easy to wear (once you heed the golden rule of matching the size of your watchface to your wrist) and they’re available at price points that run the gamut, too
But with great choice, comes great indecision. the watch that i'm wearing is from METIX is derived from the French word “m├ętis,” which is used to describe a person of diverse origins. The Metix watch is inspired by the fusion of traditions and was created in Geneva, a city of people from countries all over the world.
Metix is a sporty, but elegant watch, made for those who are always on the go. Wear it on the top of a mountain or out to dinner with friends. The elements of the Metix are made for maximum comfort. Its design is simple, but stylish. What’s extraordinary about the Metix watch are its quality and affordable price.

Bag by COLOURFIELD | Shop here
watch   by METIX | Shop here
White Sneakers by AUREUS | Shop here
sunglasses by sojos vision | Shop here
Shirt by EEEXCLISIVE | Shop here

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