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Buying a leather jacket is not an easy decision. It's a serious step in a man's sartorial life.
First, there's a question of money. A leather jacket is a pretty expensive buy. But it's certainly an investment: a fine quality leather jacket will last for decades. So considering the longevity of a good leather jacket, it's definitely worth the splurge.

i decided to wear my biker jacket in formal way ! Throw on a leather jacket if you're going for a formal style that also shows off your sartorial savvy. Worn with a suit or dress pants, a leather jacket will spice things up and strike a balance between classic and edge.

In this day i was going to the university witch means that i need a stylish bag to carry my things so i choosed my amazing ORIBAGU BAG that i recieved from japan it has pretty cool design and super quality 

                                          ABOUT ORIBAGU
“Ori” stands for origami, which literally means “folding papers” in Japanese. “Bagu”, also in Japanese, means bags. Folding paper into animal forms are one of the most typical childhood memory for kids to own in Taiwan and possibly a lot of other countries too. The origami art itself was never meant to be limited within one 2D square-shape paper, the vision of origami art was that by using it to create objects, it gave flat papers a chance to create a 3D space. Using this concept combined with practical functionality, that’s how ORIBAGU bags were born.
As how origami art became almost everyone’s childhood memory, 25TOGO DESIGN found no reason to stop letting the imagination created by folded animals to continue to walk with us in our future adventures. Given a modern twist of colors and patterns, 25 TOGO DESIGN wished to let origami art project perfectly in different varieties. 

With organizing compartments, ORIBAGU backpacks can be used at all times, when you are traveling or going to work. We’ve transformed the traditional art of origami into ORIBAGU, and now every kidults can express their fashion sense with originality.

                                                 ABOUT FRIDAY DAPPER 

for the accessories i worn that fantastic watch from FRIDAY DAPPER it's a shop where you can find the most amazing accessories . the watch that i'm wearing is all back with a mesh strap it's really dapper 

The Civic watch is minimalism at its best. With a design showing reverence for generations past, present, and future, Friday Dapper is making a name for itself with this acclaimed piece. The sleek body is subtle, a blank canvas ready to accessorize anything from a tuxedo to a t-shirt. The Civic watch measures 40 mm, complete with an 18 mm 316 L mesh Stainless Steel band. Waterproof up to 30 m.

Glen the designer of FRIDAY DAPPER  is inspired by his countless travels. In an effort to traverse the world he has seen the fashions of 68 different countries, gleaning from the local trends. With an engineering background, he likes to keep things CLASSIC yet FUNCTIONAL.


Prior to designing for Friday Dapper, Glen worked for one of the largest oil companies in the world as a mechanical engineer, where he developed an appreciation for the INDUSTRIAL aesthetic. His skills there did not go to waste as he traded the natural resources he worked with for the precious metals you now purchase. A fan of VISUAL ART, he honed his drawing and 3D modeling skills across all genres before following his dream of getting back to his design roots.


sunglasses : SOJOS VISION 

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