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8:28 AM

Now, I’d probably love this brand just for the name alone, because the fact is, spring is my favorite season, I am talking about CALL IT SPRING - which is a men's and women's shoes brand that was founded back in 1991 in Canada. They have a lot of stores in here specially at  the most famous malls of the capital. As everybody know that i have been out of my country for a month so So the first thing i did when i arrived in my city is that i went for a photoshoot to photograph my new sneakers and backpack from CALL IT SPRING that i recently received ! It's really high quality vintage and designer garments and all their iteams  are attainable to everyone at affordable prices.

On this day I decided to sport one of my recent favorites, a bomber jacket  from NEXT . I paired it with my trusty MANGO pants and for the accessories  SEVEN FRIDAY bracelet . I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Nothing beats a modern looking outfit.

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