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Hi all, my name is Med Amine Bakkari, and I am addicted to coffee and music. with part of my family hailing from Italy, I pretty much have had caffeine running through my veins since the age of 15. Every morning, for the past 6 years, I’ve woken up and half-asleep I managed to walk to my coffee machine, pressed that button put my headphones  and started my day . So I am beyond excited to share with you guys that MOSHI headphones that i recently received and tried every morning and i must say that i'm so impressed with the minimalist design also the pure sound !

  Since i tried theme and became a part of my body, never go out without taking with me my MOSHI headphones  another reason is that they're completing my looks . Moshi  serving stylish consumer electronics and accessories. Their emphasis on style is what caught my eye, and thankfully enough i got the chance to try their current top of the line over the ear headphones. Here are my thoughts on the Moshi Avanti headphones. 
Moshi’s Avanti prove that high-style headphones need not sacrifice sound quality. I'm  pretty sure the Avanti are a pretty big leap into new sonic frontiers for the company, and it seems it has landed securely on both feet. For anyone who wants a slick-looking pair of cans with a premium feel and sound quality to match, I think the Avanti are a perfect fit.

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