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I've been blogging for 5 years now and being so involved in the fashion industry, and i surprisingly see a lot of guys don't use leather gloves in their lifestyle which something really disappointing . The leather glove is the sartorialist’s bread and butter. A pair of black or brown leather gloves makes a fantastic investment and will become a great asset to any modern wardrobe.Whilst black is arguably more suited to formal wear, brown is versatile enough to integrate within both smart and casual outfits. As with all your leather accessories, matching the colour to your shoes is advisable, but don’t fret too much about the tone – in fact, matching your leathers too closely can sometimes look a bit contrived, so opt for pieces that come from the same family but differ in exact shade.

The one that i am wearing here received theme from ENGINES&GENTLEMEN which  has its roots in a family history marked by love for vintage cars, evolving through generations into real collections that are  Made in Italy excellence, authentic and sophisticated design accessories, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, the selection of the finest materials and the finest details.

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