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Rain and unpredictable temperatures are perhaps the biggest hurdles we sartorially inclined gentleman have to face during the early part of spring/summer. Well, to be honest, rain and unpredictable temperatures are some of the biggest hurdles we have to face even during the height of summer specially in UK!
There are a number of ways we can tackle this issue: trench coats, umbrellas, clever layering, but casually I don’t think there is a better option than the lightweight Parka. With the proliferation of sports luxe and sportswear trends in recent seasons, the lightweight rain jacket has seen something of a surge in popularity.
That's why i'm showing you guys one of the best brands PARKALONDON  was launched in 2013 when designer Fiona Mills wanted to transform the parka into a modern, affordable classic. Their our classic parka, they make modern clothing and outerwear that withstands the weather and the changes in fashion. They use only the best fabrics to keep you warm and dry, while the designs look good now and tomorrow. In essence, Their coats are built to last.
I'm always in love with the grey color, I added a simple grey t-shirt underneath, a grey jeans  sneaker from Next to maintain that harmony to the look. would love to get your thoughts.

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