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I think a lot of men may shy away from a double-breasted blazer because they think it might make them look too big and boxy. I have to say that that was definitely a concern of mine at first since I favor more slim-fitting garments. However, with the right cut or tailoring, a double-breasted blazer can look just as slim as a regular blazer or sport coat despite the extra fabric. In this post i'm sporting one of my favorite double breasted blazer from GIORGIO ARMANI with the practical briefcase that i recently received from on of my favorite leather brands : ZILIALEATHER .

As with any bag, a briefcase should reflect your style as well as your lifestyle. If you’re in business, have a job that requires you to wear a suit, or just like the look and feel, a leather briefcase is the way to go. For one you’ll carry everyday, I recommend choosing one in brown. It’s much more versatile than black, which I find to be very formal. canvas briefcase is a less formal option that’s perfect for the student, creative heading to meetings, or guy who’s got a computer, papers, and supplies to carry around for the day. For me, a canvas briefcase is similar to the messenger bag in terms of being a more casual bag option, but still comes across as a bit more dressed up.

Briefcase by ZILIALEATHER  | Shop here

Glasses by BARNER


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