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It was a great pleasure to team up with QUIZMAN for the first time to showcase how it is important to have a linen blazer in the summer. So I chose this beautiful linen blazer with a vintage feel, white summer pants, and a pair of dark brown loafers from GHBASS. First let's talk about blazers--why are they so important in the summer when it’s so hot? Here’s why: “Linen offers the sun-drenched man all manner of benefits. It’s riddled with tiny holes, which means air circulates freely, so you keep your cool while all around you are losing theirs. Not only that, it can absorb an inordinate amount of water without showing it.” Second, I wanna talk a little bit about the suede tassel loafers that I recently received from the brand GHBASS. I think this style of shoe is perfect for the summer because it works with so many different outfits--“they look great worn with a tapered, ankle-skimming trouser for a summer wedding, but also marry with denim and coloured chinos in more casual looks.”

Linen blazer from QUIZMAN| Shop here

Tassel Loafers from GHBASS  

Morgan Hekking Editing 

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