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Descente Athletic

5:39 AM

With 50 years of luxury designs and superb ski apparel engineering under its belt, the Descente collection for 2019 is one of its most impressive yet. Descente continues to break the mold in design and technology for women and men’s .

There’s not much I love more in the fall and winter season than a beautiful turtleneck sweater. Descente does an excellent job on all their Jackets, and this piece is simply beautiful. The fit is absolutely on point: slim sleeves, a nice straight slim body and a fantastic fit around the shoulders. Since the fabric does have much give — meaning it is very stretchy — the shoulders doesn't have some extra room, which actually gives it a nice aesthetic, and it also allows for significantly more movement. If you like either of the pieces, you can shop them  on Descente  internationally 🙂

Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt  by Descente  | Shop here

Airy Transfer Jacket by Descente  | Shop here

ALLTERRAIN Mizusawa Down Element Coat by Descente  | Shop here

PT Zero Pants by Descente  | Shop here


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