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Forgive the generalisation, but we’re guessing your father probably complained about the number of bags your mother had. While he used the same battered duffle for everything, your mother took up prime real estate at the bottom of the wardrobe with shoppers, handbags, clutches and weekenders.
Guess what? Mother was right. You need different types of bags depending on where you’re going, what you’re transporting and who’s going to see you along the way. The same goes for all accessories, including sneakers and watches. You need a rotation if not a full-blown collection.
Today i'm talking about my new bag from one of my favorite brands ever, Picard! There are two things to bear in mind here: dimensions and styling. Size matters in this case because you could buy a cross-body bag not much bigger than a billfold wallet, or you could shoulder one that’s as big as a messenger bag. Work out what you want to transport and go from there. 
What i love about Picard is that they made this bag has many suitable features making it perfect for various types of occasions. With different compartments for keeping several items separately and the best leather material that ensures it last long, this bag is ideal for moving around easily from place to place. it's not cumbersome and can go well with the type of clothing whether casual or official.

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