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Hey mates! Have you heard of our friends over at Fashion Nova? If not, then you ‘gone learn today! They are an online fashion retailer and boutique chain based in LA that truly caters to the trendsetter in all of us, without taking all of our coin! I received 10 pieces from them in all kinds of styles: jackets, jeans, sweatpants... and I have to say, I'm really satisfied with the quality and the fit. 

With online retailers, you can sometimes get duped by the sizing. We've all been super excited about a jacket ordered online only to find that it's too big or too small when it arrives. Especially since a lot of online retailers don't have great return policies or shipping costs end up being more expensive than the actual item, accurate size charts are a key component of online retail success. I'm happy to say that the sizing of the pieces I received was excellent.

Looking at their prices, you'd probably think that Fashion Nova is getting their clothing from a supplier, vendor, or wholesale warehouse in China and reselling it. But according to the company, they actually work locally with about 500 sewing factories across Los Angeles, California. At the time of this review, they claim that 80% of Fashion Nova's products are made in LA. This is a huge bonus, as sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices are finally picking up momentum in mainstream fashion. 

In this FashionNova fit I'm wearing a black denim shirt and shredded light wash denim jeans. I've had issues in the past with low-cost denim falling apart or not fitting right, but these pieces are thick, fitted, and undeniably well-made. My favorite pair of simple white sneakers complete the look and keep it casual.

If you haven't jumped on the Fashion Nova bandwagon, there's no time like the present! 

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