Mighty Vaporizer

5:11 AM

Storz and Bickel’s from TVape is nothing short of legendary in the herbal vape world. The younger, more portable Mighty takes desktop quality vapor into a handheld package about the size of a Gameboy.
The upshot is that it boasts a longer battery life than you’ll see on more compact vaporizers, and produces some of the best vapor available with wide-open airflow on the draw. 
Storz & Bickel offers a simple, refined experience in the Mighty. So refined you might give up your desktop. 
The Mighty is perfectly suited for experienced users looking for a premium vaping experience that moves with them, or those looking for the best quality vapor with zero learning curve. Its $350 price point sits at the high end for the category, but it will happily cut the cord on that old desktop vape, without sacrificing anything where it counts.

The Mighty can stand up on its own, albeit not in a very sturdy way, with the stir and tamp tool installed in reverse. For those who want a bit more stability, we have two Mighty stands that fit snugly to the bottom of the Mighty and add a bit of style and a whole bunch of functions.

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