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Wearing bracelets to match your outfit is becoming a huge trend this years.  One of the more popular kinds is the Skull Bracelets.  This  bracelet  which is quite patriotic .  Patriotism aside, this bracelet is simple, but looks great on the wrist.  The anchor is shaped and sized just right and you can get it from "Watch Bandit", which is a nice detail.

Overall quality of the Skull and nylon rope is top notch, with no visible flaws.  Due to the black nylon rope. 

You can buy yours here : The way the bracelet is designed allows for the perfect fit on any wrist
No matter how small or big your wrist is, this bracelet will fit
and you can wear this bracelets with any outfit 
i'm just in love with this amazing bracelets from

i'm wearing
Blazer from : 5T7
shirt from : J&J
bracelets from :
pants from : zara 
sneakers from : Puma 

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