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I have not worn a watch in a  very long time. It seems that most watches cause irritation on my skin (certain metals, I suppose), or if I find something trendy that I like, it’s not long before it’s out of style. And quite honestly, I find most watches to be a bit boring (not like bracelets, which I love) , but when i get this amazing watch From JORD i changed my idea about watches , it's amazing i'm just so in love with it ! 

 I’d never seen such an interesting and unique composition for a watch. I started showing everyone who would listen…I’m not kidding. I really am stunned at how fascinating and gorgeous these watches are.
*It is so light you can hardly tell your wearing it.
*You can measure your wrist so it fits perfectly (there is a link right on their site to print a measuring “tape” to measure your wrist-here’s a helpful hint-don't forget to make sure it’s printing at 100% or the paper won’t even fit around your wrist, don't ask me how I know)
*The band is a double open clasp. So if you have big hands you can get the watch over your hand, yet when you close it, it fits snugly on your wrist. 

*And my favorite-it’s wood! I still just can not get over how cool that is! 
On to the outfit I styled it with this amazin classy dapper look , but you can wear it with anything you want it's very stylish !

DOVER series 
A little info from the website:

JORD watches are handcrafted from natural woods — Maple, Bamboo, Koa, Zebrawood, and Sandalwood among them, and the glass in this watch is a scratchproof “blue film” glass. The watches are created from all untreated wood with the exception of the clasp, which is stainless steel. The good news is I have had no skin reaction at all to this timepiece. JORD offers a 12-month warranty.

My Thoughts

The watch is simply stunning. Anyone who enjoys “natural” products will love it. Even if you are not usually drawn to all-natural products, you’d be hard-pressed to ignore the beauty of this watch. 

I am thrilled that I said yes to JORD Watches , as I’ve worn my watch, many people have commented on it and asked me where I found it. I believe that is a testament to the interest other people have in a timepiece that’s not so boring and quick to go out of style. I know this is a watch I will be able to wear for years to come, and with my mostly jeans and t-shirts style, it matches nearly everything in my closet!

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