Pinstripe Blazer & Jeans

3:47 AM

 you can’t wearevery suit jacket as a separate with jeans. Some fabrics simply won’t work. If it has a sheen, for example, it will just look wrong.
This pinstripe jacket from my new McGregor suit – full review coming on Monday – works because the four season wool fabric is earthy enough to pair with even a fairly distressed pair of jeans. Combining tailored elements with casual items is one of my favorite ways to style my clothing. It’s like a sartorial mullet. The pinstripes kick it up a notch.

| WEARING | Blaze : McGregor - Shirt : Massimo dutii 
Jeans : Armani - Shoes : Zara 

A shirt’s collar plays a big role in any outfit. A button down collar strikes the perfect balance for any “sharp casual” look.

Thanks for reading.
Stylishly Yours,
Med Amine 

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