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9:23 AM

As everybody knows that my home is near the beautiful beaches in Morocco , When the sun is shining, I prefer to eat my meals al fresco…preferably somewhere with a view! and i prefer to go to the beach because i'm truly a beach lover . And there's no place better to go for a picnic with family than a picnic on the beach. I like to picnic with a bit of style so I'm always on the lookout for vintage picnic , stylish picnic , cool accessories and vintage tins for storing everything in. Then I pack up some gourmet rolls, homemade lemonade and home baked goodies - ready for a day in the beach!

now let's talk about the look that i decided to wear for this amazing family picnic , the most attractive thing about this look is that i put my ZARA gilet in the top of my Giorgio Armani blazer and i'm gonna tell you guys why i put it this way because  temperature changes make me susceptible to colds and the second reason is that is Another way to wear the gilet with tailoring is to place the vest over the suit jacket. This look, despite the other tailored elements, is more smart-casual than formal . for those who wants to try this look remember to  keep the gilet open to refrain from stifling the suit.

for the accessories i wore these amazing bracelets from Aldo and the watch From Curren

| WEARING | Giorgio Armani Blazer | Zara  gilet | Giorgio Armani pants | Bally shoes  Cndirect watch | Shirt & Hat CALLITSPRING  | Aldo Bracelets  | Giantvintage sunglasses   |PHOTOGRAPHY | by Seen John 

Stylishly Yours,
Med Amine Bakkari 

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  1. You look amazing! Love the last photo :3

    Ana ♥
    http://aruivablog.blogspot.pt/ N/POST

  2. Great blog post. And love the style!




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