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 I can’t believe the week that I had, feels as if everything happened expressly, but I ain’t complaining. Keeping myself on the tip of my toes and traveling for work is challenging, inspiring and I absolutely love it.
On saturday morning I took off to Moulay bousselham the trip was short but sweet! I have always loved visiting new cities and so I did this time around too. I can already tell you that there will be a short video next week on my YouTube channel about my trip so stay tuned for the Moulay Bousselham trip !

This outfit was shot just in front of the hotel where I was staying at and I love the way that they turned out. I was not sure about this outfit when I was putting it together, but once I’ve looked into the mirror, I was very pleased with what I saw. It’s maybe one of my most War Hero outfits by far, but that’s the beauty of fashion… Play with clothes and be able to express yourself ;)

The secret in constructing a perfect war  outfit is the ability to create sharp lines and a strong silhouette, so anything that is in the upper echelons of military smartness is more than applicable to this style. Seeking out vintage buys is a great method of securing key items, and you might even pick up an old designer piece at a fraction of the price.

as you can see here what's make my outfit look like i'm going to war is the perfect S.oliver military field jacket and the military boots from Zara 

for the glasses i wear this fashionable cndirect glasses with i love it a lot because they look amazing with my outfit 

| WEARING | S.oliver military field jacket | Esprit denim jacket  | Cndirect glasses
Zara Boots  |Dolce & Gabana pants   |  

Stylishly Yours,

Med Amine Bakkari 

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