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Double-Breasted Blazers , Double the Fun !

4:38 AM

 Double-breasted blazers or “DBs” as they are known by fashionistas , have made a rapid resurgence into menswear in the past 4 years. Recently, I had the chance to get my new Massimo Dutti Double-breasted blazer and i just love it , i decided to stylish with a white pant and a shoes in the same color .
Many readers have written to ask where they can find stylish and affordable clothing online and I will invariably point them to Massimo Dutti .
A camel double-breasted blazer is a great start and offers you the perfect statement piece for bohemian-inspired look for any occasion .

So my friends  i showed this  look at the double-breasted blazer to style yours , if you still don't have the double-breasted you can go to Massimo Dutti as i said before , they are the best in tailoring  .

as i said in many posts , the devil is always in the details . now let's talk about this amazing wood watch that i received recently from LUNOWEAR .

THE PINE WATCH watches  has an innovative concept of just using natural materials for their products; the watches are handcrafted out of wood, and focus on showcasing the luxe of natural materials.

You can weair it day and night , it is made from ponderosa pine trees With a stained genuine leather band and an all natural ebony wood case with a clear, water resistant finish . 
Some informations from the LUNOWEAR website about sizing  : 
Case size: 45.5mm x 50mm
Band width: 20mm
Band size: 80mmX115mm

The stylish bracelets got theme from leewardwindward 
Leeward&Windward is a sweeden brand   designed to offer everything from high quality to unique designs, and all for a good price. it has unique designs of bracelets and i just love theme , too stylish and they complet any outfit , i think i'm gonna wear theme in a lot of posts to see how they rock the look ! 

 WEARING | Massimo Dutti blazer  | Zara   Shirt | H&M white pants  | Gucci shoes  |  LUNOWEAR Woodwatch | Leeward&Windward  bracelets  | Glasses from GiantVintage| PHOTOGRAPHY | by Seen John 

Giantvintage glasses are the best choice , high quality and unique design . and the prices are awsome ! 

this is the new Mrblancteeth that i recieved last week for teeth and hair treatment émoticône smile well i start use theme this week and wait for the results ! 

Stylishly Yours,
Med Amine Bakkari 

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