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Nectar Sunglasses

5:18 AM

A stylish pair of sunglasses are an absolutely essential men accessory. I liked the idea that sunglasses defined men style to a certain extent. It wasn't uncommon for me to wear the same sunglasses for five, six, or seven days straight, that's why i always change sunglasses from outfit to another .

In this outfit i decided to complete it with these Nectar Sunglasses are nothing short of fabulous! 

First here is a little info about Nectar from their website:
Nectar was founded in 2011 in a small apartment by two friends who grew up surfing, skating, snowboarding and causing trouble around town together. Our popularity has increased due to the unique branding style and deep connection to our demographic. The company distributes its products domestically and worldwide.

I received my Stoke Sunglasses in great condition and they were packaged safe and securely. The first thing I noticed about them is that they are very lightweight. This is great in that you don't feel like you have a heavy clunky pair of glasses on. These are very comfortable indeed!

The frames are very durable and are made to take a beating with their polycarbonate frame. This is great so you don't have to worry about breaking them like some other brands that I have had before. Also they have 100% UV protection and have a scratch resistant film over the lenses which is another bonus.

Well i decided to wear these perfect fashionable Nectar Sunglasses with a biker look : a Biker leather jacket from my favorite brand H.Emango , how dope?. shirt from Armani Exchange clearly  goes wonderfully with the leather jacket , making me look a badass and fashionable in the same time 😉 Packing out the Adidas Standsmith as and let's not forget the accessories from leewardwindward  . you can read about the leewardwindward in this post 

 WEARING | Mango leather jacket | Nectar sunglasses | Armani exchange shirt | Giorgio Armani black jeans | Adidas stand smith sneakers    | leewardwindward   bracelets |  wholesalebuying wallet | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Seen John 

Stylishly Yours,
Med Amine Bakkari 

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  1. Great look , Really like it Man , Keep Posting !

  2. Great poses. I love the leather jacket and the sunnies are amazing! You're a real fashion person !

    1. oh thank you so much :) i really appreciate what you said :3

  3. You've got a great style! Love the glasses <3




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