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The Rabat weather will forever haunt me . you live the house , it's chilly and cloudy . you get in the subway , you get out , blue skies and the sun is shining and your sweating . you step into a coffee shop , you look outside and it's pouring .at now i've at least learned to check  the weather app and bring with me something hot and for a rainy day - just in case as i did here i bring with me  this amazing military pea coat from Gucci .

This pea coat was in the Gucci runaway of 2013 and it's awsome well i'm not gonna talk about the quality or design simply because it's GUCCI ! A pea coat in a military style is an excellent choice of men's coat for cold weather weather wear .Pea coats are fitted enough to create an attractive look , while still being large enough to lay over several shirts or sweaters . A pea coat pairs equally well with casual jeans and a tee shirt or semi-formal slacks and a button up dress shirt , for me in this look i choose to wear it with a colorful sweater from ZARA it's simply amazing everybody love it and a Jack&Jones denim shirt under the sweater for the pants as always Giorgio Armani it's my favorite brand as everybody know . for the shoes i choose to wear this new chelsea boots from Jack&Jones and the with a black and white socks from HAPPYSOCKS 

For the accessorie i bring with me this beautiful smart wallet from ogon ! 

About OGON 

Ögon Designs, a Swedish brand founded by Marcel Thomas in 2000, then moved to Paris in 2004. He had the idea to create wallets in metal, so rigid, very beautiful,comfortable and strong, inspired by the the cigarettes holder metal.

The Stockholm V2 model was, over ten years ago, the first wallet model in aluminum design, waterproof and 100%environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Moreover, thanks to a particular system, the poducts by Ögon protect all your cards from demagnetization and hackers, as they are certified RFID Safe system which prevents the scanning of credit cards by thieves.

Information from the website : 

Size : Credit card, Loyalty card, business card
Capacity : Around 10 cards
Size of the cards (max) : 8,7 x 5,6 cm
Weight : 80 gr
Design :  Eric Berthes

RFID Safe : protects your cards from fraud
Holds up to 12 credit cards
Water resistant, heavy duty metal lock, compact, resistant, very light
Anodized alumium and polycarbonate
Colour : Orange

For the final touch i choose to wear the JIM KERSIE bracelets alone no watch nothing else with because it's enough for me , amazing bracelets will complet my look especially the Jim Kersie bracelets . Jimkersie is a Melbourne based brand that focuses on standing out. JK pushes the boundaries of being exclusive, with eccentric style and incomparable quality. With handmade jewellery and expert designs, JK offers a high quality creation that is influenced by a vast number of cultures from around the world, whilst appreciating the simplicity of natural stones and gems.

| WEARING | Gucci   Pea coat | Giorgio Armani pants  | Zara sweater  | Jimkersie bracelets| OGON smart wallet  | Jack&Jones chelsea boots , shirt  |  Socks by Happysocks   | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

Thanks, as always, for reading.
Stylishly Yours,
Med Amine Bakkari

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