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Not everyone will want to take an understated approach when it comes to florals. Let’s face it, prints and patterns by their very nature are designed to draw attention and liven up an outfit in some way – so why not go the whole nine yards?

Florals are trending this season, but it’s a brave man who makes like Gucci with a suit that could have bloomed in an English country garden.
A floral bomber is a rather easier wear, especially if the pattern’s tonal. Pair with neutral separates in slightly different shades, for that all-navy-everything look.
if you’re feeling self-conscious, this SOULSTARCLOTHING take flips inside out, so you can rock a block-colour option instead. I stylish with the green color ! green chinos from ALCOTT and a green t-shirt from J&J and finally a red sneakers from SKECHERS

For the sunglasses i choose those amazing red mawl sunglasses to complete my look 

It’s up to you to decide what fun and funky means. And it’s your personal comfort level that will determine just how fun and funky you want to be. My advice is to have colorful sunglasses like the ones that i'm wearing from Mawl-sunglasses —think, RED—as well as mirrored lenses. 

A stylish pair of sunglasses are an absolutely essential summer accessory , you can choose the colors that you like in mawl sunglasses online shop : http://www.mawl-sunglasses.com

A packback bag is a great entrĂ©e into the world of men’s bags. As a daily option for carrying around documents, magazines, books, a laptop, your assortment of chargers, office supplies, and so on, it hits all the right notes. Less formal than a briefcase and—if you choose the right material—more grown up than a messenger bag, Megapack bag is perfect for the man about town and the guy on the go.


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