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If your biceps have looked better, then swapping a short-sleeved style for something a little more traditional could be your best bet.

The trick with this one is to make sure you match your top and bottom – for example, if you’re opting for a smarter sky blue Oxford shirt up top, then you should pair it with something equally tailored down below. Likewise, if your local climate is cool enough for a flannel or denim shirt, then you’ll need a rugged chino short to team with it.

Much like combo one, it’s worth ensuring your shirt and shorts contrast to some degree, otherwise you run the risk of looking like you’re trying to make the men’s playsuit happen. Not cool.
As for finer styling points (and extra ventilation), we’d suggest you leave a button or two undone (your shirt, not your shorts, mind), roll your sleeves up slightly, and tuck your shirt into your shorts (belt optional).
If you’re scoping this list out in search of the ideal beach-to-bar outfit, then look no further, gentlemen. This pairing works with almost every style of footwear you can think of – from suede Derbies to leather sandals – or even bare feet.
For my look i decieded to wear a pinted shirt from Giorgio Armani with a Short from Zara and a brown shooes from Tom Ford .
For the accessories i wear in my wrist a beautiful watch from TAYROC you can see some details about it in my previous post and for the bracelets i choosed to wear these PURAVIDA bracelets they complet my summer look 
I bring all my essential things in my tote bag from my favorite brand MEGAPACK !

| WEARING | GIORGIO ARMANI shirt | ZARA SHORT   |TAYROC watch   | PURAVIDA  Bracelet  | TOMFORD  shoes  Nectar sunglasses   |MEGAPACK  tote bag       | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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