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If this is your first time stepping up to the long line, tread carefully. When dealing with silhouettes this far-reaching, it’s alarming how swiftly a sweatshirts turns into a dress, so dip your toe before trying to layer longline pieces.
A dropped hem T-shirt, jacket or coat is a good place to start. Choose a length that’s slightly longer than what you’re accustomed to, wear it a few times, and then – in what’s not unlike a round of style-related gradual exposure therapy – add inches to your limit with longer pieces.

for my long sweatshirt i choosed to wear it from SOULSTAR 
here are some information about it from the web site www.soulstarclothing.com : 

  • Crew Neck Sweatshirt
  • Longline
  • Contrast Collar and Sleeves
  • Printed Logo at Front and Right Sleeve
  • Front Welt Pockets with Snap Buttons
  • Side Zips with Contrast Taping
  • Ribbed Cuff
  • Print Logo at Back Neck

as i said you can start with this amazing longline sweatshirt as your first step in long pieces outfits !


For the accessories difinitly i choosed the mawl sunglasses to complete my look they are just amazing i love the design the glasses are made of polycarbonate with its classic design of timeless companion for the warm season. By most beautiful color combinations for all tastes. The selection is small but select. Mawl sunglasses stand for unbridled joy that we would like to share.

| WEARING | SOULSTAR LONGHOODIE | H&M pants   |Arvo watch   | Hamacha  Bracelet  | ADIDAS ORIGINALS  sneakers  | MAWLSUNGLASSES sunglasses   |MEGAPACK Backpack    | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

Thanks, as always, for reading.
Stylishly Yours,
Med Amine Bakkari

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