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I LOVE FEATURING AMAZING PRODUCTS ON MY BLOG ! AND THIS PRODUCT IS GENIUS ! I'M  A COFFEE LOVER BUTif you are not it would be  WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THE HOT CHOCOLATE TOO ! Goat is a practical and sustainable mug by desnahemisfera, it's also BPA free, leakproof and, it simply turns to stable stand, thanks to the leather holder. Goat mug, not only tells you the original story of coffee, but also helps you drink every last drop.

The Goat Mug it's perfect for every day use, thanks to the two strap set -short and long- that allows carrying your favorite coffee attached to your bag or draped across the body while walking with grocery bags or talking on the phone. So if you are a coffee lover just get yours too and enjoy your coffee anywhere !

 Let's talk about the amazing sunglasses that i'm wearing with this look . The sunglasses that i'm wearing are from Fuster's . Fuster’s Eyewear was born in Mallorca as the first spanish firm dedicated to the design and manufacture of intelligent sunglasses. The brand name comes from “fuster” which means carpenter in catalan, in honor to the legacy of our ancestry artisans who worked wood in the Balearic Islands, core material of each of our original products. 

The brand is dedicated to create  with wooden frame and still have the ability to customize the template with your name, for example. The style of Fuster is very elegant but relaxed which means that every pair of glasses has its personality. Its origins belong to the Mediterranean. My model is the IBIZA !

In the next post i'm gonna talk more about this amazing brand and i have also a surprise for you friends , if you have a fuster's eyewear you can connect with anyone in the whole world have the same sunglasses ! well wait for the next post to know more ;)

For the tiger sweatshirt is from DEADLEGACY ! founded in Manchester, Dead Legacy exudes the rock ‘n’ roll feel of the city. Soft cotton T-shirts are brought into 2012 with vintage-inspired prints and statement slogans.

I was contacted by this super cool brand Dead Legacy and started a collaboration with them. They have both men and women clothing and you have to check out their designs because they´re very cool and different.
| WEARING | American Eagle Jogger & sneakers  | DEADLEGACY Sweatshirt  Fuster's eyewear  | MUG STORY  | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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