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classic X modern with LARSLARSEN

9:55 AM

There are some things that every man looks good in. Whether it’s a pair of dark selvedge denim jeans, a white dress shirt or solid grey suit, certain pieces and styles work for any guy who is willing to try them. 

Although considered a classic hue, recently the menswear community has begun to embrace navy like never before, giving birth to what is being dubbed the ‘all Black everything’ look.

In this look I'm wearing All black everything From Zara except the shoes from Massimo Dutti !

Let's talk about the details here :

If you gonna wear Everything Black , you need some awesome black Accessories ! i used just a watch and a black sunglasses .

let's Talk a about Lars Larsen Watch ! 

Lars Larsen Watches are a relatively new brand to the market, however, the history of the brand goes back to the end of the late 19th century with Lars Larsen snr. A sea captain with a passion for watches and a big dream to manufacture his own timepieces. 

The one that i'm wearing from LW13 collectionThe watch function provides the basis for the tachymeter LW33 series. With the all-black look and small details in red, you get a Danish designed watch of the best quality. A watch that easily draw the attention. 

We all know that a good watch has the power to instantly upgrade any outfit. So you should all know that the watch is important in any man's life ! 

As i said this model that i'm wearing is Chronograph ! 

Let's talk a little about chronograph watches : This is essentially a stopwatch, featuring an independent, sweeping seconds hand, which is stopped and started with two buttons that flank the watch’s crown.
A chronograph’s purpose is to allow a comparison between a time base and a permanent recording of the user’s findings – something especially useful, for everything from timing horse races to directing artillery fire, before the advent of the electronic stopwatch.
About glassesusa
For the sunglasses that i'm wearing in my look everything black are from Glassesusa   is an eyewear provider with a large selection of name-brand frames and high-quality lenses. With recognizable frame designers such as B&K, Diesel, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and Elizabeth Arden, and hundreds of frames, GlassesUSA.com boasts a good selection of eyeglasses for men and women online. The company also offers frames for kids, but the selection is more limited.

WEARING| Everything Black from ZARA | GlassesUSA sunglasses    | LarsLarsen watch  |shoes MASSIMO DUTTI   |  PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN
                                                        SECOND LOOK 
Often, the main flaw in any man’s clothing collection is a lack of pieces made from seasonally-appropriate fabrics – the type of items that will invigorate and lift your already substantial year-round wardrobe.  Even in winter and cold weather we need blazers ! we're not going to wear a normal blazer in cold weather you need a blazer with suitable materials ! in this look i'm wearing a tweed blazer !

Every guy should own a tweed blazer for the colder months. It will work effortlessly with everything that you already have in your wardrobe and can stand up to some serious wear and tear.

They look their best when paired with other rugged, durable materials like denim or corduroy, but can still complement a dressy pair of chinos or suit trousers, bringing a heritage touch to a contemporary look.

They also offer a great way of introducing subtle patterns into your outfits. I personally own a brown houndstooth check jacket from Reiss that I often combine with a rumpled Oxford cloth shirt in blue/pink and a pair of raw selvedge indigo/black jeans .


Sudio has one of the most elegant earphones. The earphones are softly padded and will fit any ears. You’ll also notice two distinct rectangles or block. On one side of the that, you have a microphone or remote so you can make calls while wearing your earphones as well as change the volume and play/pause your music.

 Now I can listen to my music cord-free... thanks to Sudio Vasa Blå bluetooth earphones:-) No more tangled up of cords and restrictive movements because of earhphone cords... Perfect for lazing in bed on Sundays! Love my new black and rose gold version.. they are a good match for all your fashion accessories

All you need now is charged up these beauties and start listening... free from all those long earphone cords! With studio quality sound that allows 8 hours of freedom, Sudio Vasa Blå works with your phone and take calls with the built in microphone and control your phone with the remote. The Vasa Blå is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, so the versatility is endless. I would say they make a good running companion too! I also appreciate all the different sized ear caps that comes with the set which will cater to all sizing of ear shapes. 

WEARING| Everything  from Massimo Dutti  |  tijneyewear sunglasses ( get 50% on all iteams on black friday     | LarsLarsen watch | Earphones Sudio   |shoes MASSIMO DUTTI   |  PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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