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FREEZING RAIN - Stutterheim -

11:46 AM

Obviously, in wet weather, you’re going to need a solid outer layer for coverage – and no, your suit blazer is not an acceptable substitute. To staying looking as crisp and dry as possible, you’ll need a longer length jacket. One definite stand-out-piece is the Red, hand-made raincoat by Stutterheim. I am still pretty much immediately hooked when I hear “hand-made”, because it’s an obvious sign of highest quality to me .

A good water-resistant jacket seems to protect your clothes and your soul when the climate is particularly dreary. New, design-minded companies like Stockholm-based Stutterheim are creating contemporary coats that not only stop the wind and rain from dampening clothes, but, with handmade craftsmanship and clean silhouettes, also look good even when the weather is rearing its ugly head. And that, in turn, makes us kind of happy.

Stutterheim have since released many different styles of their raincoat and have built up a loyal following along the way. They can count Jay-Z and Kanye West as fans and have even released a rainbow coloured jacket named Vladimir to protest against human rights abuses in Russia.

After all this attention and prominence, the company remain true to their melancholic Swedish roots. They still craft exceptionally well made coats that rely on traditional materials to keep you dry. Stutterheim are proof, if you ever needed it, that sometimes the old ways are still the best.

You can shop the full Stutterheim collection at : https://stutterheim.com


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