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Unlike summer, where many accessories are used to add something extra to a look and don’t serve any practical purpose, winter accessories really make a difference. A biting wind will be far more keenly felt by the man that neglects his hat and scarf, and there have been many times where a forgotten pair of gloves has left hands burning.

I’ve stated before that I don’t believe in the concept of ‘essentials’; unless it is something required to sustain life, or aids in protecting your life, it is never an essential. You don’t have to wear gloves during the winter, but it seems daft not to – especially when they can inject some much needed character and individuality into your outfits.


The leather glove is the sartorialist’s bread and butter. A pair of black or brown leather gloves makes a fantastic investment and will become a great asset to any modern wardrobe.
Whilst black is arguably more suited to formal wear, brown is versatile enough to integrate within both smart and casual outfits. As with all your leather accessories, matching the colour to your shoes is advisable, but don’t fret too much about the tone – in fact, matching your leathers too closely can sometimes look a bit contrived, so opt for pieces that come from the same family but differ in exact shade.

When searching for your perfect pair , just go to www.stateofwow.com , they have the most stylish gloves with a real leather that i have ever have . 
My way to wear glovescombine some wool suit trousers, a striped oxford shirt under a quilted jacket with some leather gloves in either black or brown. Then top it off with some desert shoes  and tuck your trousers into them.

About rogue-industries wallet 
Your wallet says a lot about you. Whether plain, colourful, sleek or bulky, the small accessory used to carry your cash is as much of an indication of personal style as a new bag or the latest trainers.

While it may seem like a small piece a kit to some, investing in a decent wallet is a savvy decision – a timeless, high quality design can genuinely last you a lifetime.
So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your wallet to something a little more special, take a look at www.rogue-industries.com , u'll find the most luxury high quality leather wallets ! 
 The one that i'm having is built to easily hold your cards, cash and phone all in one place. Constructed of the softest top grain leather, it's also RFID blocking to protect your cards from unauthorized access. Fits phones as large as the iPhone 7. Shown with iPhone 6S for reference.
                                            About BIRLINE WATCH 
The world of wristwatches is literally overflowing with numerous new designs and concepts that look different than the luxury watch designs of the past. That's why i'm in love with my new BERLINE classic 40MM watch with a harris tweed strap .
The shape of the case is one that can be found on a few different watches currently. Known as a “minimalist” watch, it’s extremely thin at only 6mm tall – and it reminds me of watches such as Daniel Wellington and also the Brathwait Classic Slim. This case shape is recognised by the fact that it’s pretty much all dial, with a very thin 1mm bezel and equally narrow lugs. It also has a highly tapered rear and a pretty small crown.
The dial on the Birline is in the classic minimalist style, which in a way is designed to mimic Daniel Wellington watches, but without the backwards D.
The colour is a splendid silvery champagne colour, matching the polished stainless steel case very well. It has an almost matt finish to it, which creates a contrast with the polished hands and applied hour markers and logo.
Now, onto what is probably the unique selling point of the watch. The Birline comes with a 20mm wide genuine Harris Tweed strap. The tweed itself is soft and fluffy, so it does pick up the occasional ball of lint depending on what you wear. It looks very cool though, and the straps are obviously very well made too – the stitching and edging is all very neat and accurately done.
| WEARING | Gucci Blazer | Trashness shirt STATE OF WOW  sunglasses & Leather gloves     | Birline WATCH| Versace shoes  |BANANA REPUBLIC pants | rogue-industries wallet  PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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