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Whoever decided less is more clearly hadn’t considered the jacket. Not to knock single-breasted blazers, but in the being-the-best-dressed-man-in-the-room stakes, two breasts are definitely better than one.
At least, they are now. The double-breasted jacket has served its time in timeout, the smell of power dressing bankers finally scrubbed off. The new DB is for the city, not The City. Which means less structure, slimmer shapes, and any colour and pattern so long as it’s not pinstripe.
When you strip away all the padding, the banker stripes and the rump-covering cuts, you’re left with a double-breasted suit that seems to be a suit almost by accident. Which means you can forgo the traditional accoutrements and slip into something more comfortable, like a lived-in sweater and some sleek minimal trainers or shoes !
But, of course, you are still wearing a suit. And because it’s double-breasted, people will assume your high-low thing is because you own the company. And you can dress however you damn well like. for me i wear it with a shoes and  an amazing floral shirt from KAHJ which i'm gonna talk more about this luxury brand who made printed shits ! 

                                                 ABOUT KAHJ

KAHJ which literaly means "buttonehole" in Urdu, is a luxury menswear label inspired by the art of Antique Neapolitan tailoring. It is the epitome of sartorial excellence, refinement and elehance all rolled into one. The art of tailor made shirts has always been the prime passion of KAHJ however throughout the years, other garments have been introduced making KAHJ a total look for menswear clothing.
In this look i'm wearing this floral shirt that i received last week from KAHJ and i just love the high quality of fabrics and the Indian touch of the shirt ! Although florals are considered a perennial spring trend, this season we have seen a move away from tropical brights towards muted neutral palettes and monochrome styles.
Ways to wear it 
As a general rule of thumb, print overkill is best avoided. If one component of your outfit features a vibrant print, it’s best to keep the rest of your look a plain and simple affair, so opt for clean-lined separates.
One strong pattern is enough of a statement by itself. For those of a more daring disposition, clashing prints can work; just make sure the prints contrast but complement each other by pairing motifs that differ either in tone or pattern, but not both.

If you’re after a more understated approach to the look, layering is key.
Try wearing it beneath a clean-lined navy cotton knit so just the shirt’s cuffs and collar are showing. A dark tailored jacket will also sit well layered over a painterly bloom print shirt – the jacket will break-up the arresting impact of a full torso floral hit.
This witty contrast of floral detailing against solid hues is a considered way to interpret the look.

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