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Sometimes you just don’t get things right first time; you might make a mistake or it might not quite work out in the way you thought it would. You miss stuff, you forget to include important information or you’re just ploughing through things as quick as possible because there’s a deadline to meet.
This is one of those times. Or rather, this is the rectification for one of those times. About a year ago I penned my first about the overcoat  – it was a short affair, with a series of outfits for inspiration, but it lacked any real depth. I still stand by the information contained within it, but I felt that it needed something extra , so i'm gonna give you something you gonna use every-time u'll gonna wear an overcoat !
At this moment in time, the weather outside has taken a dramatic turn – the wind has picked up, the rain has started falling and the temperature is definitely dropping.
Yet whilst I have personally prepared well in advance for the transitional season and even got my winter coat sorted, many other unfortunate souls have not and it’s only fair that i do our best to rectify the situation before the climate begins to resemble arctic conditions.
Every major fashion publication has been raving about the camel overcoat for the past couple of autumn/winter seasons. Now I've all had time to adjust and the idea has had a chance to mature, this could well be the year that it really takes off. in this look i'm wearing this Camel overcoat from Gucci 2014 collection , i just love the quality and it keeps me warm in cold days plus it's look good in all my outfits , so what you gonna do fellas is to search for something like this coat i've seen it in this year new Zara collection so don't loose time and go check it .. 

Step aside boxy briefcases of the past – it’s time for a modern-day update.
While bulky metal frame styles dominated the nineties – complete with complicated locking systems and metal hardware that would ping open at any given moment – contemporary designers have toned down the classic silhouette for a sleeker, more sophisticated finish.
As a result, i'm now spoilt for choice when it comes to a picking a seriously suave bag that means business. If you’re thinking of upgrading your choice of briefcase, be sure to check out VENQUE and enjoy ! 
 the Briefpack seems well put together, is very stylish in an unobtrusive fashion, and the fabric, metal clasps and leather accents all appear to be of such a quality that you never need worry about whether the bag will hold up to the rigors of a busy commuting life.The “XL” in the name of this pack is deserved. It’s big, almost like a small valise, yet it’s not unwieldy. Its size (given by Venque as 19″ x 15″ x 6.5″, roughly 48 x 38 x 17 cm) is significantly below typical airline carry-on restrictions. I immediately got the impression that the size of the bag was arrived at after a lot of deliberation. It serves me well on trips to the office without seeming ludicrously large even if I’m only bringing my 
In terms of functionality, fit, and finish, the Venque is almost there. It’s almost the bag you want. Coming from a team who are obsessed with detailing and can be considered as masters in craftsmanship, VENQUE  primary idea has always been in designing bags that look beautiful and are long-lasting as well. After their previous successful campaigns on Kickstarter, they have come back with a new smart utility briefcase which can be used in three different ways – A backpack, briefcase as well as a carry-on.
The quanta fabric used is VENQUE’s specialty which is water repellent, dust repellent and strain resistant too. Overall, this is a versatile briefpack which doesn’t limit your style of carrying your luggage around. Instead, it’s one of those classy accessories that comes with a high durability and ensures you travel like a hero no matter where you go. 
                                                 SHOE THE BEAR

Shoe The Bear make their shoes from the highest quality leathers in both Portugal and Vietnam, they're very flexible and lightweight, and the soles are made from 100% rubber- meaning they'll last you a long time. Behind Shoe The Bear are Thomas Frederiksen and Jakob Fuglsang, a duo that already at an early stage in the company’s history attracted attention and gained respect for their unique and interesting approach to fashionable footwear – especially outside of native Denmark. Shoe The Bear are renowned for their balance between feminine fashion and masculine trends and for designing footwear with a serious international appeal.
The company was established in 2007, after several years of shoe manufacturing and insights in the fashion industry.

The boots that i'm wearing in this post are from shoe the bear , A hiking boot of high quality. Made of full grain leather on the upper with full skin lining and textile on the inside for improved fit. These have a rustic rubber sole which is excellent for extra comfort. Made by true craftsmen from Portugal.

No longer just standard issue for naturists, hiking boots have found a place in the fashion mainstream. But it was a rocky route. Outdoors wear was considered niche apparel until Carhartt WIP popularised the hunter-gatherer trend. From there, the likes of Herm├Ęs, Louis Vuitton and Bally followed, showcasing luxury takes on hiking boots for AW14 that skyrocketed what was once a functional piece to the heights of high fashion.
That said, they’re far more than a mere fad. Hiking boots were designed specifically to face the elements and as such, make mush of commuter slush.

Don’t get left out in the cold; look to add one or two of this hard-working boots styles to your footwear collection instead , So visit shoethebear.com and enjoy your shopping ! 

You need a pair that offers untold levels of comfort, ankle support and other orthopaedic box-ticking features such as full-leather linings and cushioned footbeds. Diemme, Fracap and Red Wing are the leaders in the field, offering durable and practical options that don’t compromise on aesthetics. 
If you’re a regular reader, you can skip this sentence, but one thing I’d love for more men to understand is that being a student of style does not mean wearing a suit a tie all the time. That is a style, but it’s not style. You can be casual and still be stylish.
 GRAYTON watch that i Recently I received , what i can say guys you should see my first reaction when i opened the box i was shocked about the quality and design of that incredible Grayton automatic watch .

I have worn many watches in my life and I would say my one common complaint is how the watch feels on my skin under both the watch face and the strap. The Grayton Watches I was reviewing feel buttery smooth on my skin and when taken off, left no marks or irritations underneath. You would be surprised at how many watches manage to forget about the comfort ability of their watches! Grayton seem to have considered this thoroughly.

The combination of the dial on the side and the smooth movement of the second hand creates a seemingly perfect functionality. It’s strange to think that these two things have made such a difference to the way I wear and looks at the watch on my wrist. The way in which the watch functions is calming and soothing on the eye.

| WEARING | Gucci overcoat | Giorgio Armani knight sweatshirt | Ralph lauren Black jeans | Graytonautomatic watch  SHOETHEBEAR  boots  VENQUE  briefback | PHOTOGRAPHY | by SEEN JOHN

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