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Sadly, autumn dressing isn’t as simple as swapping your pool sliders for hiking boots. The days pass through a tricky-to-dress-for cycle of frosty mornings, sweaty afternoons, then I-can’t-feel-my-fingers nights. Which demands more costume changes than Madonna.
There is an easier way to keep ahead of the weather curve: add a cardigan or two to your autumn wardrobe. But this isn’t your granddad’s favourite. A slimmer knit can be thrown over a T-shirt for that much-needed extra layer when you leave the house, or under a suit, with your overcoat ditched, when the sun emerges.
Either way, minimal effort is required to achieve maximum style. Just don’t fill the pockets with Murray Mints.
In this post i'm gonna specially talk about the shawl neck cardigan that i get it from the luxurious brand GAGLIARDI1964 Why the shawl neck cardigan? Well, firstly, they’re a great way to inject character into your wardrobe. Whether you opt for a chunky version or a thin gauge, office-appropriate style, a shawl collar is unique and can help liven up even the most tried and tested of looks. 
Not only that, during the in-between months – brisk in the mornings and evenings but warm during the days – a collar that you can flip up to protect yourself against the wind is a particularly welcome addition.
Secondly, they’re extremely versatile. With so many different types of shawl neck available on the current market, it can be hard to decide which style to purchase. However, if you’re only going to buy one don't search a lot and get the one that i'm wearing from GAGLIARDI1964 it's made in italy wih special high quality garments and it's in the perfect color, The navy  ! 
Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear the shawl neck cardigan:
Leave The Jacket At Home: It’s not hot enough yet for summer weight blazers, but it’s a bit too warm during the day for your tweed/cord styles. Just swap your jacket for a shawl neck cardigan.
Pick up a medium weight version in a dark neutral colour and use it the same way you would a suit jacket. I personally love wearing mine with the trousers and waistcoat from my three piece.
The Middle Layer: Not all shawl necks have to be huge and chunky. Some come in finer gauges that work extremely well as a middle layer.
Use these in the same way you would any other knit: under a blazer, over a shirt and tie or even between a casual shirt (think flannel/denim) and jacket.
Knits On Knits On Knits: We all know the easiest and most boring way to wear a chunky cardigan is to pair it with jeans/chinos and a t-shirt. But seriously, if that’s all you’re ever going to do with it, what’s the point?
Mix things up by layering it over other lighter weight knits. Why not combine it with a pair of casual tweed/cord trousers and a linen-cotton blend crew neck jumper? The great thing about linen blended knitwear is that it keeps you warm and comfortable without becoming hot or stifling.
Alternatively, substitute the crew neck for everyone’s new favourite piece: the roll neck.
                                            About PHILIPP AUGER 

Like tees, chinos and field jackets, the NATO strap went AWOL from military ranks, crossing to the fashion pack. Originally created for British soldiers in the 1970s, it embodies a ready-for-anything aesthetic, even if your personal battles are only with your email password.
Because the NATO strap is crafted from a single piece of fabric – normally nylon – you don’t need to take off both your watch’s spring bars to switch one in. And if one of the bars pops open, its extra ‘watch keeper’ strap keeps your Rolex on your wrist. Handy whether you’re dangling from a parachute, or chasing down a forehand.
The Philipp Auger Watch Company is a tribute to Louis-Philipp Auger who is a traveler, achiever and world explorer. Although gps maps exists, all he use when exploring the world and reaching new landmarks is his old compass and a thin, classic, light watch with a small casual nato bracelet holding the case smoothly. From the top of the highest mountains to the deepest reaches of the jungles, he always has his compass and watch by his side indicating him where to go next.

| WEARING |GAGLIARDI1964 Cardigan   | SHOETHEBEAR Boots| PHILIPP AUGER watch  bows-n-ties  tie | AYOUB HAMOMI photography 

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