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This is the advanced class. Keep your tailoring slim and sharp, and ideally all-black. Chelsea boots, a narrow black tie or grey and a crisp white shirt are ideal. The leather jacket should be the best you can afford, crafted from sharp, stiff leather with little graining.

Avoid washed or tumbled leather – the creases will detract from the Mediterranean vibe that you’re aiming for. Accessorise with a pair of wayfarers (and an actual motorbike, if you’re really going for it) for that Terminator-meets-Brando screen hero vibe.

For the accessories i'm wearing these amazing bracelets from LHbraceletsandchains  they are just amazing and stylish to complete any look you up to .
personal preference always takes precedent! What I mean by this is that there are a lot of different types of jewellery out there for guys with all kinds of weird and wonderful pendants and symbols to top it off. So make sure that you have a firm idea of what you want in your mind before you choose. 

If you are going to start sporting jewels in your every day looks then make sure it gives off a masculine vibe. Try to avoid things that are too shiny, bright or blingy – it just looks a bit silly. In order for it to look personal to yourself it needs to look like you’ve had it for awhile, so something a bit more rugged and tough is ideal .

After reading and knowing about bracelets and how you can choose i recommande to check LHbraceletsandchains ! i'm sure you will find what u're looking for .

What you wear on your wrist isn’t as sensitive to seasonal shifts as your clothes. But that’s not to say men’s watches don’t move with the times. Trends in the world of horology – albeit changing at a pace that’s glacial compared to that of fashion – are still a thing.

The top of the line Vanacci time piece each part Plated in 18crt gold with a stainless steel construction the very best base metal for gold ensuring the very best strength for everyday use. The dark blue dichroic face is the perfect pairing for gold with the edges of the design highlighted in white to create a truly eye-catching design.

Vanacci watch is professional quality time piece with the best price you can find  produced by Vanacci who are able to cut out the middle men and deliver their designs directly to you, providing a handmade experience at an exceptional price. 

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