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Tired of holiday style guides that suggest you pack a few vests, a pair of shorts and some sunglasses? Then look to the south of France for your summer sartorial cues. Riviera style, then, began as a means of translating European elegance to a much hotter locale where daily activities included little more than sunbathing and maybe some yachting if you were feeling energetic. While fashion has changed over the years, the fundamentals of men’s Riviera style remain the same.
One of the most important item in this style is the Breton long sleeve top ! There are few items of clothing as quintessentially French as the Breton striped shirt and, well, when in Rome…
While you’ll find plenty of short-sleeved Breton T-shirts on the current market, we suggest steering classic for this one, so look to add a long-sleeved, lightweight cotton style featuring a navy-, black- or red-colored stripe to your summer wardrobe.
to tell you why i dressed a marine style because i was going for a vocation by seas in a ship ! so i decided to take with me the TRAVEL BAG from PICARD my favorite brand in bags . What i live about this travel bag is that can hold all my essential things when i'm traveling and it gives you the look of a stylish and  luxury .
The big daddy of travel bags. The linchpin of luggage. This is the piece you need to think long and hard about before coughing up. Why? Because if you buy right, this one’s for life.
Whether it’s a lightweight curved design you’re looking for, or something that’s closer to an old-school trunk, take some time not only to decide what you’d rather be seen with, but also what won’t emerge in pieces at baggage collection.

Travel Bag by PICARD | Shop here
watch   by GRAYTON | Shop here

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