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Following my hectic trip to the Tokyo Cherry Blossom festival with a longtime old Friend, Ayoub, it was lovely to spend a weekend in Morocco exactly in the capital Rabat with the new watch  Earnshaw . There’s something calming about this place that i took the photos in , I’m not sure if it’s the fresh scent or that deep crystal blue that is a captivating all over the walls I thoroughly enjoyed this watch. It was comfortable to wear, looked great, and is well executed. I think it is worth clarifying that although Thomas Earnshaw was a major contributor to the world of horology with his pioneering in the field of Marine Chronometers, the current brand that bears his name has no resemblance to the legacy of the man himself or his contributions to horology (even though their marketing would indicate differently.) They are instead a modern incarnation that puts out large production watches using mass-produced movements. Judged against the legacy of Earnshaw, one is likely to be let down, but judged as its own different brand, Earnshaw produces some well-styled watches worth seeking out !

let's talk a little about the outfit that i'm wearing here! it's from nifty-genius a brand Born of a love of fashion ! i styled the vest with a white pants and a blue strip shirt, The gilet doesn’t have to be hidden as a middle layer; it may have been spurned in the past due to the stigma it carried, but with the right styling there’s no reason it can’t be used as the top layer in an off-duty ensemble. 

 Gilet by  Nifty-genium Shop here
watch by  Thomas-Earnshaw | Shop here

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