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A lightweight camouflage jacket or robust overshirt is set to be the most powerful weapon in your layering arsenal. As we move from summer into autumn, constructing outfits that allow you to keep pace with the fluctuating temperature is key to keeping your cool and maintaining consistent swag levels.

Building outfits comprising layers that can be peeled on and off – and look good in isolation – is the way to do this. In a tailored- or boxy-fit, a camo jacket looks superb thrown over a simple crew neck T-shirt and slim-fit chinos/jeans.

In my look i styled the ZARA Camo double breated jacket with all black look a black jeans with a lon tee also black and to complete it and make it more perfect i added one of my best shoes are the chelsea boots from Jenet&Jones  and for the accessories i added just a perfect ELDON watch and a bag From Picard

When it comes to new watches, especially from newer brands, they have to do something to set themselves apart. This may take the form of using interesting materials, crazy dial designs, or unique case shapes. In other words, unless they’re competing on value in a segment, they have to show us something we have not seen before. That is what we have going on here with the case of the Eldon prototype we spent some time with. Make sure to visit their website to see their uniques watches 

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