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10:30 AM

I'm in love with the infamous Janet&Jones at this point. I remember when ALDO introduced the higher end line in the stores: I’d already been a fan of ALDO, because I thought it was a great score, and then the Janet&Jones collection hit and it was just all sorts of perfect. This season, I get to show you guys of my favorite pair from the new collection, the dark brown chelsea boots !

i styled the chelsea boots with black longsleeve shirt from Loow   is a Danish clothing brand, specialized in making merino wool garments of the highest quality. Through vast knowledge, a personal approach and attention to detail  ! so let's get back to the outfit as i said the chelsea boots with the Loow shirt under the NiftyGenius blazer and as always i never forget about the accessories so i added a watch from earnshaw and the two luxury bracelets from AZURU- REPUBLIC wish i'm gonna do a special blog about theme so keep tuned 

It's  a great look for heading out to the dopest coffee spot you know in your area and getting some work done with the help of caffeine. Do you need to be dressed up for that? No. But you can. And in my experience I actually work better when I’m dressed well, going back to my idea that the right attire can boost your ego and confidence, and influence your entire approach to any given day.

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