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Given that an overcoat won’t be the cheapest addition to your wardrobe, it’s highly advised you do some shopping around before making the decision to invest.Plenty of brands would like to have you think they can lay claim to an age-old heritage of coat-making, but few actually can.

British brand NATIVE YOUTH produces such high quality coats that their name has basically become a synonym for ‘overcoat’ in my opinion. I recently received this coat from theme in grey and i just love the quality and the design that they gave to that coat, As you’ll likely have gathered by now, the overcoat is intended as an outer layer for wear during the colder months. Many people think it’s merely the final, winter-appropriate addition to a suit, but this essential has so much more potential.

For me a casual look with overcoat better than formal one, as you can see in this post i wore it with a black hoodie and a nice pair of grey dark denim from PRPS, and i put my final touch with a black Chelsea boots from Massimo Dutti !  

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